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The Smartest Property Minds Love Townhouse Masterclass™

Bryce Holdaway

The Property Couch

"Townhouse Masterclass is a game-changer that offers step-by-step guidance throughout the entire process."

Mike Bird

Founder Urban.com

"Comprehensive guidance along with direct industry expert access. A no-brainer for would-be developers."

Sam Rigopoulos

Victoria #1 Agent

"THMC offers unmatched insights, resources and tools sharing top industry secrets. A must for serious developers."

Meet Peter

I've been Exactly Where You Are.

Every obstacle you can think of I've encountered it. From the struggles of securing finance to dealing with market uncertainty. From the challenges of finding quality contractors, to the fear of losing money. I've been there and seen it all. But throughout all these challenges I've gained invaluable knowledge and experience. And I've built bulletproof systems and processes that guarantee success. I started with one project with a mate and today we are the authority in the space managing 100+ townhouse sites at any given time. This Masterclass is your opportunity to borrow from our experience. I want you to learn from our mistakes, so you don't have to burn the time and money we did. We've been there, done that, and have the awards, and clients to prove it. If you're ready to develop townhouses, this masterclass is all you need.

  • 10+ years developing
  • Over $400 million in townhouses
  • Recognised as the industry authority


We Make it Easy for You Too.

Find Profitable Sites

Townhouse Masterclass™ enables you to find sites with the greatest potential, sites that can be developed and, more importantly, should be.

Deliver Successful Projects

With Townhouse Masterclass™, we provide all the information, tools, practical skills, and support needed to succeed.

Move Faster

With Townhouse Masterclass™, you'll save time trying to figure it out so you can spend more time doing what matters.

Make More Money

Townhouse Masterclass™ provides access to all the knowledge, resources and tools required to get your project done faster and cheaper.

Stay Informed

Keep your finger on the pulse with the latest rules, regulations, supply chain issues, material shortages, build prices, market movements, and townhouse development.

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Follow Proven Systems and Processes

Access proven step-by-step systems and processes for every stage of townhouse development—from finding land to selling finished properties.

Join a ,Like-Minded Community, Don't Develop Alone

Doing a townhouse development is harder on your own. Surround yourself with like-minded peers and get the support you need whenever you need it.

Learn at Your Own Pace from Anywhere, Anytime

Learn on demand at your own pace and in your own time. Do it your way.

Get Direct Access to Our Expert Little Fish Team

Wish you had an expert on speed dial? Gain game-changing access to our exclusive office-hours hotline. Have a question or facing a roadblock with your project? Get real-time, direct support from our highly experienced team of experts.

Education for Everyone

Whether you’re trying to grow your wealth, create a property portfolio, or build your own home, we’ll teach you the ins and outs of the townhouse development process.

Little Fish Property Experts Borrow from Our Experience

Our teachings come from real practical experience delivering townhouse projects on the front-line day-in-day-out. We’re teaching you the skills and lessons we’ve learned.

Reduce your Risk and Maximise Your Returns

We teach you everything you need to know so you can reliably and confidently do it yourself. Know precisely what to do, when to do it, how long it should take and how much it should cost.

Ready to Get Started?

Fill out a brief questionnaire, talk with one of our team members.

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What You Will Learn


Key Lessons and Tips

We've made all the mistakes that can be made. We share all the key lessons and tips that we've learnt that will set you up for success.


Get Development Ready

Get bulletproof before you start—legal structures, administration setup, cost tracking, finance, and building a dream team of consultants.


Site Acquisition

Leave nothing to chance. Conquer due diligence, feasibilities negotiating your purchase and closing process, Identify sites with the most significant potential upside.



Maximise your designs and make intelligent decisions. From townhouse design to interior design and landscape design.


Town Planning

Run seamless town planning applications. Master the subdivision and town planning proces and navigate the council like a pro.


Working Documentation

Achieve watertight documentation. Including an assumption-free tender package that will be critical to your overall project success.


Demolition and Build Pre-tender

Link your project with the right builder. Master the build tender process, liquidated damages. defects. variations. value management and everything in between.



Achieve expertise in the building process and guarantee timely subdivision approval.


Project Completion

Dominate the final stages of your project and achieve all your approvals and registrations timely so you can settle any sales and get paid faster.


Project Marketing

Discover the art of perception and how to position your townhouses to fetch the price in the shortest amount of time.



Stay ahead of the game and master the skill of identifying and managing risk. Save yourself a lot of trouble and, ultimately. time and money. Develop with confidence.


Actionable Steps

Access a checklist of every actionable step required to complete each stage of the development process. Effortlessly know exactly what to do and when.



Your Future Network: Testimonials from Like-Minded Developers

Jack Bowes

I love property and to be able to get inside the Network and ask questions and get real advice from the experts at Little Fish and other property enthusiasts is awesome.

Jack Bowes
#12 Geelong Cats FC
Lizzie Hunter

I've grown a real interest in property development and being able to grow out my knowledge even further through the LF Network and masterclass is gold!

Lizzie Hunter
Account Partner at REA Group
Mark Worthington

What a great platform, easy to use and smooth; I love having the app. on my phone and can see what's going on in the Network at all times!

Mark Worthington
Player Development Manager at Geelong Cats
Jack McBain

Loving the SiteInsiders guys, being able to see development sites in real-time that Little Fish are looking at is so powerful and helpful to me.

Jack McBain
Environmental Scientist and PM at KAPITOL Group
Ari Levin

Loving the Network guys. The fact I work in real estate and now I can complement that knowledge with all the value inside this is perfect; keep it up!

Ari Levin
Slater & Levin Real Estate
Jordan Stout

What a great initiative! Property is hard to navigate if you are not on the inside, but being involved in the LF Network gives me an edge and gives me more confidence to navigate through the world of real estate and property development!

Jordan Stout
Project Manager at Cobild
Peter Kelly

How to

A Done with You Opportunity.

I need to be clear – Townhouse Masterclass™ is not an instruction manual. It is not something you should buy. It is something you should invest in. It's for everyday landowners and would-be developers looking to deliver successful townhouse development projects.

The systems, processes and frameworks you'll access, and the concepts, strategies, and insights you'll learn - require you to roll your sleeves up and take action. My team at Little Fish and I will be there walking the path alongside you, offering the personalised guidance, feedback, and support needed to succeed.

You'll access our exclusive community of like-minded developers ready to share their insights and cheer on your success. The material we've shared in each module took us many bumpy roads, grazed elbows, and financial disasters to learn. This is what we want you to avoid.

  • 12 modules
  • Step-by-step, self-paced curriculum
  • Digital templates and tools
  • Private online community
  • Community support access
  • Direct hotline to Little Fish experts (office hours)
  • Access to actionable step checklists
  • Access to all proven frameworks


Get our proven system-based frameworks, tools and resources to develop townhouses.


Join our like-minded community and find the knowledge, support and resources to fast-track you development.


Get advice from an expert in group Q&A settings and break through any barriers and road blocks.


Frequently Asked Questions

This Townhouse Masterclass™ is not cheap. What gives?

What’s the value of finding the most undervalued site with the most upside potential? What’s the value of connecting the right builder to your project for the right price? Imagine for a minute what it would feel like to have expert guidance at every turn to answer your questions, point you in the right direction and help you confidently make decisions. What price would you put on that? How much longer do you want to wait? How much longer can you afford to wait?

This masterclass is for everyday investors with the time and money to undertake townhouse development projects to grow their wealth.

How is this different from Peter Kelly's free content?

Townhouse Masterclass™ is a highly organised, step-by-step, linear roadmap to deliver successful townhouse development projects. If you have a question, it will be answered. If you have a challenge, Pete and the team will help you tackle it.

You’ll be part of a community of driven townhouse developers with the same goals as you and cheering your success.

And if you think his free content’s good, just wait until you experience what’s behind the paid wall of Townhouse Masterclass™.

How does the Townhouse Masterclass™ work?

Townhouse Masterclass™ is like drinking from a fire hydrant. All the content, tools and resources are there, and you decide what pace you move and how much you participate.

You’ll go through at your own pace and join live Q&A calls with Pete and the team whenever you choose.

You’ll also be a part of our Little Fish Network. You’ll get to connect with our team and peers for advice, guidance, accountability, and much more.

What is your refund policy?

We don’t accept refund requests on the sale of digital goods. Here’s why: Digital products are much different from physical goods. By returning a physical good to a seller, the merchant retains the original value of that product. With digital goods, a return is a total and complete loss to the merchant, especially once the content has been “consumed.” While we’re not in this for the money, this effects our mission: to help as many everyday people as possible succeed in property development. We hope you can understand.

Our Network and Masterclass are centred around delivering successful development projects, which can be time-consuming and complex. It’s our mission to make the complex simple, but the hard work still must be done. Once you learn how, the execution is in your hands.

Rest assured: we obsess over the quality of our learning material, and we test everything with beta users first to make sure that the content works. The testimonials speak for themselves!

How do I know this Townhouse Masterclass™ is right for me?

Townhouse Masterclass™ is not for everyone. But if you’re not confident and are looking for expert guidance because paying for a project manager doesn’t make sense on your project, you can’t afford one, or because you have a passion for learning how to become an expert yourself, you might be in the right place. If you’re still unsure whether it’s right for you, click here to book a free consultation with one of our team members and find out.

How much time do I need for the Townhouse Masterclass™?

We aren’t going to sugarcoat this. Townhouse Masterclass™ is work because undertaking a Townhouse Development is work. You work through the modules at your own pace or in parallel with your project. It will reduce your overall work by offering clarity and certainty at every step of the development process. Ultimately you will get your project done faster and cheaper with less risk and fewer mistakes.

Will this Townhouse Masterclass™ solve all my problems?

Townhouse Masterclass™ is not a band-aid. It’s a program that requires your time, effort, and energy to ensure you deliver successful projects. Every project is different. Your challenges won’t be solved with just a template. The challenges you encounter can be solved when you consume the content, put in the work and engage with the community and experts.

Will I be able to deliver my Townhouse Development successfully?

When you complete all eleven modules and leverage the tools and resources at your disposal, we believe you will have more clarity and confidence to find, secure and deliver townhouse projects successfully every time. This Townhouse Masterclass™ will guide and encourage you to find and deliver Townhouse Developments on your own.

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