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The Opportunity is Real. The Risks are Real. But You Don't Have to Navigate it Alone.

If you've ever tried to dive into property development, you know it's a space filled with both enormous opportunity and risk. The game is intense. The Little Fish Network is here to stack the odds in your favour.

It's your ultimate hub, designed specifically to empower, educate, and elevate like-minded property developers like you, all within a community that truly understands the unique challenges you face.

Interact with others, exchange information, and develop professional connections.


The Smartest Property Minds Love the Little Fish Network

Bryce Holdaway

The Property Couch

"As a mentor to many in the field, I constantly recommend Little Fish. Their approach to coaching and content tailored specifically for townhouse developers is unmatched."

Mike Bird

Founder Urban.com

"For townhouse developers, Little Fish is a goldmine. Their insights and community support make complex projects seem simple."

Sam Rigopoulos

Victoria #1 Agent

"From rookie to expert, Little Fish's blend of content and coaching, particularly the Townhouse Masterclass, is transformative. It's the only toolkit you'll ever need."



Why Choose the Little Fish Network?

Unlock Exclusive Opportunities

Access daily development site opportunities and insights.
No fluff—just genuine value.

Leverage Real Connections

Connect and collaborate. It’s not just what you know, but who you know. And guess what? Our community is filled with people you’d love to know—people who can help you get to the next level.

Get Expert Insights

Gain a competitive edge through unique insights, keep your finger on the pulse with market trends, regulation, building prices, market conditions and more.

Access Industry Gurus

Your one-stop community to swim with the sharks. Connect. share. communicate and collaborate with industry experts.

Live Q&A calls with Little Fish Property Experts

The Little Fish team collaborates with planners, designers, and builders, coordinates with councils, and drives projects to completion daily. Join our weekly group Q&A for expert tactical, and actionable advice.


Your Benefits as a Little Fish Network Member

Turn Your Development Dreams Into Reality

Because even Little Fish can make a BIG splash.


We've Helped Countless Landowners Deliver Successful Projects

For the best part of a decade, we've been helping everyday landowners and aspiring developers with varying experience levels deliver successful townhouse projects.

Now we are sharing everything we have learnt and plugging you in with our team and like-minded community so you can deliver successful townhouse projects like clockwork.

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What a great initiative! Property is hard to navigate if you are not on the inside, but being involved in the LF Network gives me an edge and gives me more confidence to navigate through the world of real estate and property development!

Jordan Stout

Jordan Stout

Project Manager at Cobild

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Loving the Network guys. The fact I work in real estate and now I can complement that knowledge with all the value inside this is perfect; keep it up!

Ari Levin

Ari Levin

Slater & Levin Real Estate

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Loving the SiteInsiders guys, being able to see development sites in real-time that Little Fish are looking at is so powerful and helpful to me.

Jack McBain

Jack McBain

Environmental Scientist and PM at KAPITOL Group

quote sign

What a great platform, easy to use and smooth; I love having the app. on my phone and can see what's going on in the Network at all times!

Mark Worthington

Mark Worthington

Player Development Manager at Geelong Cats

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I've grown a real interest in property development and being able to grow out my knowledge even further through the LF Network and masterclass is gold!

Lizzie Hunter

Lizzie Hunter

Account Partner at REA Group

quote sign

I love property and to be able to get inside the Network and ask questions and get real advice from the experts at Little Fish and other property enthusiasts is awesome.

Jack Bowes

Jack Bowes

#12 Geelong Cats FC

In property development, a single mistake can cost you thousands, but the right move can earn you millions. Can you afford not to join?


Special Membership Perks: The Icing on the Cake

  • Early Podcast Access: 24 Hours Before Public Release
  • Get ahead of the market with early access to our industry-leading, sought-after Development Tank podcast. Be the first to hear the latest strategies, stories, and insights from the front-line.

  • Live LTLFSH Podcast Recordings
  • Because hey, why not. If you're on the team, you're on the team! Come, pull up a bean bag and enjoy live podcast recordings.

  • Exclusive Events
  • Members-only events that are tailored to help you grow, connect, and succeed.

Are You Ready to Dive Deep?

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Frequently Asked

How does the membership work?

With your membership you get access to custom community platform designed specifically for emerging property developers to exchange knowledge, build professional connections, and gain access to exclusive opportunities and insights in the property development sector.

As a member, you gain access to exclusive networking opportunities, expert insights, live Q&A sessions, early podcast access, members-only events, and more.

Who is the Little Fish Network for?

The network is for anyone interested in property development, whether you’re an established developer, a budding entrepreneur, or a visionary looking to dive into the industry.

What does "Leverage Real Connections" mean?

It means you’ll be able to connect and collaborate with industry experts and like-minded property developers, thereby enhancing your network and knowledge.

How often are the live Q&A sessions held?

Live Q&A sessions with Little Fish Property Experts are held weekly. The schedule will be available to members.

Can I participate in discussions privately?

Yes, the Little Fish Network offers a safe and private environment through direct messaging and a members-only directory for private connections.

What is the members' directory?

The members’ directory helps you quickly find and connect with other members of the Little Fish Network. You can personalise your own profile and choose whether to make it publicly visible.

What if I’m unhappy with the results?

We don’t think this will happen, but in the case that it does, you can cancel your membership at any time. There’s no obligation to stick around if it isn’t what you thought it to be.

How much access to Peter Kelly will I get?

Pete often participates in the weekly Q&A sessions; he is also active in the Network community. No one loves property and development more!

How do I know that the membership is right for me?

If you have a passion for townhouse development projects, this is the place for you.

What is the difference between the Fish, Shark, and Whale subscriptions?

Fish is for new developers seeking an active and supportive community, access to development experts, and early content. For beginners.

Shark is for experienced developers looking to dive deeper, enhance their networking, and engage with a vibrant professional community. For pros.

Whale is for aspiring developers desiring a comprehensive path to success, detailed guides, resources, tools, and unparalleled support. Be unstoppable.

What is your refund policy?

While we do not have a ‘lock in in policy’, we do not accept refunds on digital goods. Here’s why: Digital products are much different from physical goods. By returning a physical good to a seller, the merchant retains the original value of that product. With digital goods, a return is a total and complete loss to the merchant, especially once the content has been “consumed.” While we’re not in this for the money, this effects our mission: to help as many everyday people as possible succeed in property development. We hope you can understand.

Our Network and Masterclass are centred around delivering successful development projects, which can be time-consuming and complex. It’s our mission to make the complex simple, but the hard work still must be done. Once you learn how, the execution is in your hands.

Rest assured: we obsess over the quality of our learning material, and we test everything with beta users first to make sure that the content works. The testimonials speak for themselves!

Don't Miss the Boat

You're a developer. An entrepreneur. Don't be a little fish in a big pond swimming aimlessly.
Be a Little Fish with a plan. With connections, With opportunities.

Don't develop property alone. Become a Little Fish Network member today and redefine your development journey.