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The Smartest Property Minds Love Townhouse Masterclass®

Bryce Holdaway

The Property Couch

"Townhouse Masterclass is a game-changer that offers step-by-step guidance throughout the entire process."

Mike Bird

Founder Urban.com

"Comprehensive guidance along with direct industry expert access. A no-brainer for would-be developers."

Sam Rigopoulos

Victoria #1 Agent

"THMC offers unmatched insights, resources and tools sharing top industry secrets. A must for serious developers."

Meet Peter

I've Been Exactly Where You Are.

Every obstacle you can think of, I've encountered it. From the struggles of securing finance to dealing with market uncertainty. From the challenges of finding quality contractors to the fear of losing money. I've been there and seen it all. But throughout all these challenges, I've gained invaluable knowledge and experience. And I've built bulletproof systems and processes that guarantee success. I started with one project with a mate, and today, we are the authority in the space, managing 100+ townhouse sites at any given time. This Masterclass is your opportunity to borrow from our experience. I want you to learn from our mistakes so you don't have to burn the time and money we did. We've been there, done that, and have the awards and clients to prove it. If you're ready to develop townhouses, this masterclass is all you need.

  • 10+ years developing
  • Over $400 million in townhouses
  • Recognised as the industry authority


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Join the Little Fish Network to access all the tools, resources, and support you need for property development success. Our exclusive benefits blend the best of our Townhouse Masterclass® and vibrant network, giving you everything you need to thrive.

Master Every Step of Townhouse Development

Find Profitable Sites

Townhouse Masterclass® enables you to find sites with the greatest potential, sites that can be developed and, more importantly, should be.

Deliver Successful Projects

With Townhouse Masterclass®, we provide all the information, tools, practical skills, and support needed to succeed.

Move Faster

With Townhouse Masterclass®, you'll save time trying to figure it out so you can spend more time doing what matters.

Make More Money

Townhouse Masterclass® provides access to all the knowledge, resources, and tools required to complete your project faster and more affordably.

Stay Informed

Stay current on the latest rules, regulations, supply chain issues, material shortages, build prices, market movements, and townhouse development.

Accelerate Your Success with Expert Support and Community

Exclusive Networking Opportunities

Use our community as a launching pad for partnerships, collaborations, and ventures. Don't just network—build lasting relationships that will elevate your game.

Share Knowledge and Resources

Share knowledge, resources, and hacks with like-minded property developers to get ahead and save time, money, and stress.

Real-time Industry Insights

Gain a competitive edge through unique insights. Stay on top of market trends, regulations, building prices, market conditions, and more.

Custom Profiles and Direct Messaging

Create a custom profile, connect and communicate with like-minded members privately through direct messaging, and easily find contacts in our members' directory.

Weekly Live Q&A Sessions

Get real-time advice and answers to your questions from industry experts during our weekly live Q&A sessions. Benefit from personalised guidance and insights to overcome any challenges in your development projects.

Choose Your Path to Success*

Memberships for property developers at every stage of their development journey.


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Perfect for new developers. Gain access to the Townhouse Masterclass®, complete with tools, templates, resources, and community support.

A$0 / month

Free Forever

Townhouse Masterclass®

Digital templates and tools

Actionable steps checklists

Members directory access

Private Messaging

Weekly live Q&A sessions

Private supportive community

Early content access

Member-only events

IOS and Android app


(Done by You)

Ideal for developers needing specialised tools, expert collaboration, and exclusive network access for enhanced project management and opportunities.

A$208 / month

A$2,490 billed annually Save $504

Exclusive networks access

Preferred partner discounts

+ All Fish benefits


(Done with You)

Best for developers seeking direct guidance. Receive hands-on support from Little Fish experts to confidently tackle complex developments.

A$837 / month

A$10,050 billed annually Save $1,914

Join Whale Plan

Direct access to Little Fish experts (business hours)

+ All Fish & Shark benefits


What Our Members Say

For nearly a decade, we’ve empowered everyday landowners and aspiring developers to deliver townhouse projects successfully.

Now, we’re sharing everything we’ve learned and connecting you with our expert team and a supportive community. Together, we’ll help you achieve seamless and successful townhouse developments.

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What a great initiative! Property is hard to navigate if you are not on the inside, but being involved in the LF Network gives me an edge and gives me more confidence to navigate through the world of real estate and property development!

Jordan Stout

Jordan Stout

Project Manager at Cobild

quote sign

Loving the Network guys. The fact I work in real estate and now I can complement that knowledge with all the value inside this is perfect; keep it up!

Ari Levin

Ari Levin

Slater & Levin Real Estate

quote sign

Loving the SiteInsiders guys, being able to see development sites in real-time that Little Fish are looking at is so powerful and helpful to me.

Jack McBain

Jack McBain

Environmental Scientist and PM at KAPITOL Group

quote sign

What a great platform, easy to use and smooth; I love having the app. on my phone and can see what's going on in the Network at all times!

Mark Worthington

Mark Worthington

Player Development Manager at Geelong Cats

quote sign

I've grown a real interest in property development and being able to grow out my knowledge even further through the LF Network and masterclass is gold!

Lizzie Hunter

Lizzie Hunter

Account Partner at REA Group

quote sign

I love property and to be able to get inside the Network and ask questions and get real advice from the experts at Little Fish and other property enthusiasts is awesome.

Jack Bowes

Jack Bowes

#12 Geelong Cats FC

Important Reminder
In property development, a single mistake can cost you thousands, but the right move can earn you millions. Can you afford not to join?


Industry Experts Love Little Fish Network and the Townhouse Masterclass®

Industry leaders have recognised the exceptional value and impact of our offerings. Here’s what they have to say about the Little Fish Network and the Townhouse Masterclass®:

Bryce Holdaway

The Property Couch

"As a mentor to many in the field, I constantly recommend Little Fish. Their approach to coaching and content tailored specifically for townhouse developers is unmatched."

Mike Bird

Founder Urban.com

"For townhouse developers, Little Fish is a goldmine. Their insights and community support make complex projects seem simple."

Sam Rigopoulos

Victoria #1 Agent

"From rookie to expert, Little Fish's blend of content and coaching, particularly the Townhouse Masterclass, is transformative. It's the only toolkit you'll ever need."


Get our proven system-based frameworks, tools and resources to develop townhouses.


Join our like-minded community and find the knowledge, support and resources to fast-track you development.


Get advice from an expert in group Q&A settings and break through any barriers and road blocks.


Get Answers to Common Questions

How does the membership work?

Members gain access to resources, tools, and community features tailored to their subscription level. Engage with expert content, participate in live Q&A sessions, and connect with fellow developers.

Who is the Little Fish Network for?

The network is for landowners and aspiring developers at all stages, from beginners to experienced professionals, seeking support and guidance in townhouse development.

How often are the live Q&A sessions held?

Weekly live Q&A sessions provide real-time advice and personalised guidance from industry experts.

Can I participate in discussions privately?

Yes, create custom profiles and use private messaging to connect with like-minded members confidentially.

What is the difference between the Fish, Shark, and Whale subscriptions?

Fish: Free access to the Townhouse Masterclass®, tools, templates, and community support.

Shark (Done by You): For experienced developers, includes specialised tools, enhanced project management, and exclusive network access.

Whale (Done with You): For those needing direct guidance, provides hands-on support from Little Fish experts, preferred partner discounts, and comprehensive project assistance.

What if I’m unhappy with the results?

We offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, contact us to discuss your concerns and possible solutions.

How much access to Peter Kelly will I get?

Whale members get direct access to Peter Kelly and other experts during business hours. Shark and Fish members benefit from group Q&A sessions and community interactions.

Will this Townhouse Masterclass® solve all my problems?

The masterclass provides comprehensive guidance, tools, and community support to navigate townhouse development effectively. Success also depends on your dedication and effort.

How do I know this Townhouse Masterclass® is right for me?

If you seek structured guidance, expert advice, and a supportive community to enhance your townhouse development projects, this masterclass is designed for you.

How much time do I need for the Townhouse Masterclass®?

The masterclass is flexible, allowing you to learn at your own pace. On average, a few hours per week will help you engage with the material and apply what you learn effectively.

How is this different from Peter Kelly's free content?

The Townhouse Masterclass® offers exclusive, in-depth content, practical tools, and direct support that go beyond free resources, providing a comprehensive roadmap to success.

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